Let Us Invest

Let Us Invest
Air Ware Investment Company primary goal is to boost the growth of new and existing companies. So far it has invested in hundreds of companies by not just offering resources but also knowledge and experience. This is an investment company that has many years’ experience in dealing and running different enterprises from chemical firms to entertainment companies. This vast knowledge is transferred to the corporations Arif Ware chooses to invest in.

Can you trust the company? Yes, you can. From the time Arif Ware started to invest in different companies, the growth of those businesses was profound. For instance, the first establishment that Arif Ware invested in was a chemical production business owned by his friend. This went on to become the most prominent chemical manufacturing firm in Poland and a force to reckon with in Europe. Today it is mainly known for investments in the entertainment industry. Key to note is that it has invested in the Mr. Green an online casino in Europe and Europa-park a globally recognized amusement park. These establishments are big names in their respective fields.

When we invest in your company, it is not just about the money but the knowledge, experience, and skills we have for business. We aim to turn any business into a profitable venture that impacts not just its locality but the entire globe. All the companies we partner with are recognized brands globally. We are not only interested in local businesses but those that also want to make an international impact.

Who Do We Invest In?
Our clientele base has grown significantly over the years. We do not specifically invest in a specific industry although we have a keen interest in the entertainment industry where we have heavily invested. Other than this, we invest in any company that we see has the potential to grow and become a profitable business. What do we look for? Does your company offer specific solutions to some identified needs in a community or globally? Does it have clear-cut goals and vision to grow? Is it facing some financial challenges that are hindering its growth? Has the growth outweighed the available resources? Is the demand for the products more than the capital? We are here.

If you want us to invest in your company, write to us your proposal outlining what your business is all about. The plan should also describe its structure, the number of employees, when it was formed, how you would like us to invest in you and its future goals. We will let you know what else we will need to learn from you before we start the qualification process.
Our process is straightforward. Above everything else, the passion we have for seeing thriving businesses motivates us to work with all kinds of companies. The process is also fast. We not only invest in your company but also take time to walk with you through the journey to your set goals. We become part of your business family and celebrate with you when you achieve your goals.