About ArifWare

ArifWare.com is a Lebanese Investment Company founded by Arif Ware whose hometown was Beirut. The company was started when Arif decided to invest for the first time in his friend’s chemical company. The tremendous growth the company achieved from this effort motivated him to seek other companies he could invest in. These included entertainment firms as well as different types of businesses. With every successful investment, the passion for growing the venture grew. Today, Arif Ware Investment Company is behind some of the big enterprises in Europe.

The founder, Arif Ware was a cigarette and alcohol merchant who would supply the products to sailors who docked near his hometown. He used the money he got from this business to invest in his friend’s chemical company which grew to become one of the most prominent chemical establishments in Poland. Other enterprises Arif Ware has invested in include Mr. Green which is an online casino and Europa- Park amusement establishment. Mr. Green is famous globally and so is the amusement park.
Arif Ware has employed financial advisors and strategists who help us run, articulate investment moves and ensure all the establishments remain profitable. To make the right investment moves, we have to be highly knowledgeable on the happenings in each sector. We do not only offer the required resources, but we walk with individual companies through their challenges to ensure they emerge successfully. When investing in a group, to us, the company becomes part of our family. We take time to learn its operations, structure and understand its needs, where it is currently and its goals.

We look into the company to realize what we would do to ensure it operates smoothly and achieves its goals faster. Does the company need more employees, more skilled human resources or equipment? What do the employees have to say about their work experience? What needs to be improved so that they can become more productive?

We pride ourselves on being the force behind some of the most potent establishments in Europe. The experience and skilled workforce we invest in ensuring that all our investment strategies are profitable. Who do we invest in? Any company that is in need of a boost is welcome to work with us. Our terms are friendly and easy. We do not turn down any business because we believe in every establishment as long as it answers to the needs of the society either locally or internationally.

We believe in growth and making products and services available and accessible to people internationally. We realize that when industries are thriving, it does not only impact the people running or working in the company but the entire community. When this is replicated all over the world, we have a strong economy that can sustain its people. More jobs are created, poverty levels decrease, and the standard of living is improved. So will social amenities and infrastructure.

We understand that investing in one company affects many lives positively. This is our driving force that makes us seek more companies to invest in every year.